Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Homeless No Longer!

I have wonderful news to share...we made an offer on a house yesterday, and it was accepted! Thank you, Lord! Now if all goes well at inspection, this will be our home sweet home.

We feel as though we already have a history with this house, as it was one of the houses we drove by on our first trip to Pittsburgh back in February. And I remember my husband's words when he saw it:

"They want HOW MUCH for that house?"

Well, weeks went by, prices dropped, inventory started to decline, and we finally made it inside for the home tour in April.

Our realtor called this house "a money pit". She did not like it at all. My husband wasn't keen on it either. But something about that house spoke to me. It said "home", it said "gracious", it said "room for everyone and a flat-ish yard for dog".

It took a few more weeks of house hunting before I was able to convince my husband to give it another look with a fresh set of eyes. He began to see the potential.

It's interesting...this house sat on the market for almost a year, and no one wanted it. Well, the house we live in now also sat on the market a year, and no one wanted it, either. But somehow, we managed to give it a complete makeover from top to bottom, and it sold in one day. I have no doubt we could do the same for this house as well.

Speaking of you think I was influenced by my family's home back in Michigan?

Maybe just a little.

I'm decorating in my head now, and planting future flowers in the garden.



  1. And so happy for you...all. This house just feels right!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Francie! After house hunting for weeks in the North Hills and South Hills, we finally felt this house in McCandless was the perfect fit for our family!