Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Save The Pink Bathrooms!

So, my future home has pink toilets.

There, I said it.

When friends and family ask me about my new house, this is usually the line I open with because really, it just speaks volumes.

First of all, it tells you a general age span of my home. Let's face one chose pink toilets on purpose after 1980. Pink was so out-of-date, and really everyone knew that mauve would be the color that would never go out of style! ;)

Second, my "pink toilets" opener also tells you that my home has a few projects in store for the future.

Finally, I like to think that my "pink toilets" segue says a little something about me and my husband that a cookie cutter builder grade house in the newest subdivision would not say. It says "Hey, look at me! I'm kicky, quirky and sassy! I'm an original!"

And speaking of originals, here it is:

Here's the part where I make my confession.

My husband thinks we bought this house under the "assumption" that we'd be ripping out those pink toilets in the not-so-distant future.

Well, you know what they say about "assumptions".

I confess...I like the pink bathroom! Dare I say it, I may even come to love it!

When I'm done putting my shabby chic retro inspired spin on this room, it is going to look like I chose those pink sinks and that pink toilet on purpose!

I found an entire website dedicated to saving the endangered pink toilets of America.

My sons, however, are not too keen on the fact that this retro pink bathroom will be the place where they will greet each new morning.

"Too girly!" my son, Sam, declared.

Girly? I think not! Look what I found today:

Here it is! Proof that a boy and his beloved dog can enjoy a "timeless" pink bathroom for many years to come!

Score one for the pink bathrooms of America!


  1. The pink bathroom brought back such memories. In 1965 my parents divorced and our house was sold. My mother bought a single wide trailer for her and I to live in. It was PINK! Outside and inside! All the Kitchen appliances and the sink was pink! And of course the bathroom sink, toilet and shower/tub were pink! And the real kicker? She has always said she disliked the color pink! Guess the price must have been right! Must say, it seemed a little strange to wash dishes in a pink sink. Look forward to seeing what you do with your Pink bathroom :)
    Lu C

    1. Lu, that is a great story! Thanks for sharing it! Do you think the former owner of the trailer was a Mary Kay lady? It would've looked awesome with a pink Cadillac parked out front!

  2. Pink everything else...are going to be the next BIG thing. Good choice. Live with it. Love it!

  3. I always see those supposedly "outdated" bathrooms on house hunters and think, "RETRO" not outdated!" I always think I would keep that oh, so cool bathroom. I thought pink was 50's & 60's. Wasn't that weird olive green the 70's? Someday, that weird green olive color will be retro, maybe it already is!

    Yes, save the pink and yellow bathrooms! Good save, Mary Rose!

    1. Thanks, Deb! I'm with you. One person's "outdated" is another person's "retro cool"!

  4. I understand why your husband and son aren't too keen on pink, but I also believe that a good design idea can make them change their minds. Having a darker color on the walls and replacing the countertop to give more contrast against the pink toilet and sink are two ideas that immediately come to mind. I'd love to see what your plans are. Up and Above Contractors