Thursday, July 17, 2014

Finding New Doctors and Dentists Post- Move

When you move to a new city, it is imperative that you find new doctors and dentists right away.


 Right away!

Or you could be like me, and finally get around to making those appointments a year later.

Ugh! Finding new doctors and dentists is just not fun.

We had a fantastic doctor in Indiana. We called him our concierge doctor because he would take so much time with each of his patients. He would even make telephone calls himself to explain test results to you. I was one of his only patients with Lyme disease (lucky me!), and he would research new treatment methods in between my visits. I was truly blessed to have him as my physician.

Well, here I am in Pennsylvania, a year later, and I still do not have a primary care physician.

It is on my TO DO list, people!

I did, however, make appointments for my family at the dentist office today! Yea! Feeling very proud of myself, thank you very much! {patting self on back as I type}

Yes, the school nurse at Sam's school has been hounding me about it for all of fourth grade.

And yes, maybe it is time to make an appointment when your son asks you this:

"Mom, is it normal to have a tooth growing in your gums ABOVE the other tooth?"

No, son. That's not normal.

Sam has a mouth full of crazy happening right now. I'm expecting orthodontics in his future!

So how do you go about finding medical professionals after moving to a new town?

1.) Check your insurance provider to find a list of the professionals that are covered under your plan.

2.) Ask new friends and neighbors for a referral.

3.) Cross reference those referrals with your list from the insurance provider.

4.) Mapquest the offices in your area to find the practices that are nearby. (Trust me, you do not want to drive ten miles away when you are sick with strep throat!)

5.) Try to find doctors BEFORE the situation becomes urgent.

6.) Understand that you can find a different doctor if you do not feel comfortable with the practice.

I look for a few important factors in a new practice:

*friendly staff, both in person and on the telephone.

*a good office manager that does not schedule patients on top of each other, thus keeping you waiting interminably in a room full of sick people.

*a clean, cheery office space that is nearby.

*caring and engaged medical professionals.

Dental appointments?


Optometrist? General Practitioner?

Working on it! Got any good recommendations in the Pittsburgh North Hills area? Let me know!

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