Thursday, July 10, 2014

The First Impression

Good morning!

Today, we begin our home tour at the front door!

I believe that the front door is one of the first impressions you will get from a house. It tends to say a lot about what you will find once you open that door and step inside.

Here's what our front doors (yes, we have two!) had to say about the house when we first moved in.

Hmmm. It's hard to see the front doors behind the tree. They used to be painted the same soft mustard yellow of the shutters, and they faded in to the background.

Well, that won't do!

Within the first month of our move, we painted the doors a vibrant shade that said "Hello, neighborhood!"

We chose the color "La Fonda Teal" from Valspar's Historic Home collection. I love how it complements the brick and the color of the shutters. It's a wonderful shade that works in all seasons. With autumn wreaths, it is stunning!

Spring wreaths? Stunning again!

And speaking of wreaths, I found that I had to purchase two new wreaths for every season because we have double front doors. Two autumn wreaths. Two winter wreaths. Two spring wreaths. Two summer wreaths. It's been an investment this first year, but it will pay off in the fall when we begin pulling out the previous year's wreaths again.

So what do the front doors tell you about what you will find inside of our house? Colorful? Yes! Seasonal? Of course! A spin on traditional? Definitely!

Most importantly, I hope these doors say "Welcome!"

And welcome is always a good first impression.

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