Monday, June 24, 2013

Corporate Relocation: Week Four

We are beginning week four of our corporate relocation to Pittsburgh, and it has been quite an adventure!

Corporate relocation involves so much more than just moving your belongings from one house to another. Let's face it. You are uprooting your life and the lives of everyone in your household. It is like plucking a plant out of the ground, moving it to a new location in the garden, and hoping that with enough watering and sunlight, it will grow.

A big part of the relocation process is learning your environment. I like to do this in an ever expanding set of concentric circles, with my new house being the epicenter.  It starts out small...trips to the bank, trips to the grocery store. Then it expands a little...trips to Lowe's and Home Depot and Target. Trips to the local pizza joint and the shopping mall. Trips out for ice cream.

Each trip helps build your confidence a little. I can do this! I know that intersection! I can find my way home!

We have found our new library. Today, we will find our new post office.

Small steps.

Every week, we have visited a new church in our area. We are learning a lot about ourselves and about different denominations in the process. Finding a new church is a big priority for our family.  We're beginning to realize that this process could take a long time. We've decided to double up on our weekly worship, hoping to attend a Saturday evening service at one church, and then trying a Sunday morning service at another.

Church shopping will definitely be getting its own post very soon. It is such a complex process that it could really deserve its own book!

In the meantime, I love this view of the golden spires and steeples of the Russian Orthodox church down the street. I can see them glowing in the sunlight while I type at my desk in the living room. The best part? Listening to the church bells every Sunday morning. A sweet music that is good for the soul.

 Goals for week four:

* Tend to the garden and get some potted flowers and annuals.

*Walk the neighborhood with the boys to encourage them to explore and meet new friends.

*Locate new doctors, dentists, and care providers.

*Transfer school records and get registered for fall.

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