Thursday, June 13, 2013

Six Tips For Moving Out/Moving In Day

A few tips for making the move go smoothly:

1.) Post-It Notes are a must! I used these notes to label every room in the house. As the movers unload off the truck, they don't have to ask you "Which room is your office? Where's Sam's room?" They can see the labels, match it with the name on the box contents, and move it right in. I probably could have used a black Sharpie to make it more visible, though.

On a funny side note, one of our movers asked us "Are you a pastor's family?"

Uhm, no. Why do you ask?

"I just assumed from the names of your sons," he said.

Luke. John. Samuel. It was a good assumption.

"No, we just love the Lord," I answered.

"So do I!" he said, beaming. He showed us the bracelet that he was wearing as a reminder.

Lesson of the day: You never know where you might be a Christian witness to the world!

2.) If possible, arrange to have your dogs stay in doggy day care for moving day. I say "if possible" because it just wasn't possible for us. Our old girl is too crotchety and set in her ways to spend time in a kennel full of yappers. She tried to stay out of the way, but it's still hard to navigate around 75 pounds of labradorness.

3.) Have plenty of water on hand for the movers. It was a hot day here on moving day, and those movers are accomplishing amazing feats of strength. They need to stay hydrated. Stock the fridge with plenty of bottled water. (And trust me, they want water, not soda. As the movers told me that day, drinking soda on a hot day just makes you thirstier. We stocked both, but the water was a big hit).

4.) Moving Day is not the time to tackle major cleaning of your new home. Trust me, you will just be in the way. Save it for later. Dirt always waits for later. :)

5.) You will need to have a bathroom that is ready for customers. Have a hand towel, hand soap, and toilet paper ready.

6.) Remember to have cash on hand for tipping your driver and movers. Be generous here, folks. They are doing the back breaking work for you. Show them a little love and appreciation. Some crews appreciate having a meal provided for them that day (carryout pizza is always a favorite), but others just want to get the job done and eat afterward. Ask the crew leader for their preference.

Our crew from United was wonderful! They were patient, they were thoughtful, and they were professional. Nothing was damaged in our move. Everything was accounted for, and they went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our happiness.

A moving day success!


  1. Glad to read that your move went well. Now that you're in Pittsburgh, you'll have to offer people pop rather than soda. :)

    1. That's easy, Francie! We're actually transplanted Michiganders, and we're "pop" drinkers there, too! LOL

    2. I've lived in "soda" land off and on for 18 years, but it'll always be "pop" to me. Your house looks wonderful. I love its older home charm.

  2. What an adventure Mary Rose! Looks like you really had it "all together"! Glad you had such a good moving experience, I used to arrange government moves and manifests so I know what kind of nightmares can happen! Thanks for all the sweet comments.

    1. Wow, Marsha! I can only imagine how complicated that could be! The hardest part of the move was the unpacking...that's when we realized we had way too much stuff! LOL