Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Things They Left Behind

Sometimes, God hands you a wonderful blessing, and if you are smart, you will take it with both hands.

To date, this house has been a blessing, and each day, we fall in love with it a little bit more. Mind you, this house was not the stunning looker that everyone was clamoring for, but rather the wallflower who waited patiently for someone to really appreciate her hidden beauty. This house waited for us, and we are so thankful that it did.

On day one, we were blessed to meet the sellers, who were wonderful people. The husband and doctor who became a lawyer, and his lovely wife who became a renowned jeweler. They raised two sons in this house that they lovingly tended for thirty years. They were so happy to know that boys would be playing basketball in the driveway and swinging from the tree fort once again.

The sellers were truly generous people.

They left garden art, doormats, and bird feeders.

They left us a piano!

They left us keys and openers, with notes and detailed explanations.

Finally, they left us this binder. I say "binder" loosely because, seriously, it's more like a tome! It's a testament to how home owners should stay organized regarding the house, its appliances, and major repairs.

Need to know how to use the rotisserie feature of the wall ovens? Never fear! It's in the binder, in plastic sleeve protectors none the less!

Wondering where they purchased the carpet? It's in the binder.

Trying to figure out how to turn on the sprinkler system? It's in the binder.

Not only did this family leave us a wealth of information, but they also walked us through the house to show us the features we might miss...

...the Bali blinds in the master bedroom that can open from the top down or the bottom up.

...the electrical outlet at the bottom of the lamp post, perfect for holiday lights.

...the built-in cutting board in the kitchen.

...the pastry board in the cupboard.

...the flowers and shrubs and trees in the garden.

What a sweet couple! I think it was hard for them to say goodbye to this house that they'd loved for so long. They shared memories of their happy home. I shared how this home made me feel happy the moment I walked into it. (I shared it in this post:

She cried, I cried.

It was a moving experience.

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