Friday, March 1, 2013

On The Hunt

I'll admit it. We're seeing way too much of each other.

Zillow. Hotpads. I'm wasting a LOT of hours of my day with you.

You lure me with your pretty photos and your pretty words.

"Charming." "Character." "Original woodwork." "Huge potential."

It's very seductive. I want to trust you. I so want to put my faith in you. You will find me the perfect house!

I haven't spoken with the first realtor, or even taken the first trip to get a lay of the land, and already I'm hanging wallpaper and painting cabinets in my imaginary house.

I'm trusting my own abilities to buy and sell and plot and plan. And of course, we all know the headline to that front page story:

Woman plans, God laughs.

I'm happy to give you a chuckle today, Lord! And if my wishlist seems ridiculous, you can laugh at that, too!

In the meantime, I'm pinning all of the pretty things I'd love to find in my next house.

Things like a dutch door:

A kitchen booth:

A laundry chute:

A clothesline:

Impossible list? Probably. But it hasn't stopped me from looking!


  1. Those all seem to be very "do-able"...charming...quaint...adorable. I've always liked the kitchen booths...Gabe had that in his old home and removed it! Ugh...youth! But I must admit, that every time I see them I envision the bruising I would have from banging my legs as I got in and out of it. Something to think about...comfort! LOL. Keep dreaming. XO

  2. I was looking through your other blog and clicked on this to see what it is all about. I just had to say that I'm so happy someone else shares my love of a kitchen booth. Ahhhh.....I would just LOVE to have one! I would even take a corner style "booth" of sorts but my biggest wish of all is to have a booth like the one you picture! I dream of having long conversations over coffee with my girlfriend or leisure Sunday mornings reading the paper over warm cinnamon rolls with my husband. I could go on and on. I think they provoke conversation and I think so much of that has gone by the wayside in our hustle and bustle lives. Thanks for posting your dream house visions. It just makes me smile. If I ever move, this is exactly what my list would like too (at least to start with, lol) A girl can dream, right? :) TFS

    1. Another lover of the booth! I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one! I've been pinning them on Pinterest for a while now. Whenever my family goes out to eat, we always request a fun would it be to have one at home? I've seen a few booths while looking at houses online, so I'm excited..and still dreaming! Thanks, Connie