Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Keeping It Clean

This is not a paid/endorsed blog post. I only wish it was a paid/endorsed blog post when I consider how often I'm using these products!

Today, I thought I'd share with you some of the essential cleaning products you need to have on hand when your house is on the real estate market.

Now before I go any further, I can see you Pinterest pinning/home and lifestyle blogging readers cringing right now. I know what you're saying, too.

"Disposable cleaning products! How wasteful! I only use homemade cleaning products with organic rags, thus ensuring that I leave the smallest carbon footprint possible for Mother earth."

Well, good for you!

But here's the reality check.

A realtor calls and says" Hi. We're in your neighborhood looking at houses with clients today. I know we're supposed to give you more advanced notice, but do you think we could see your house in fifteen minutes?"

Are you seriously going to say "No. I haven't mixed a fresh batch of vinegar cleaning solution today, and I have no time to clean the stinking rags in the laundry room"?

If you want to get your house sold, you are going to say "Of course! Come on over!"

And then you will clean like a crazy woman for thirteen minutes, leaving two minutes to spare to load a labrador retriever, a child, and a basket of dirty laundry into your car.

The truth is this: these disposable products are essential at a time when speed and convenience mean everything. Swiffer dusters make fast work of the flat surfaces in your house (don't forget the ceiling fans and blinds!). A Lysol wipe can get the nastiness off your counters and make your bathrooms smell fresh. Swiffer wet ones will give your floors a fast cleaning, and they dry quickly as well.

And here's one more thing: don't neglect the odors in your house. This is probably not a time to be frying bacon every morning. And while your family may have connected the smell of vinegar to cleanliness, other visitors may find the odor offensive.

This is one of the reasons I keep a Febreeze plug in on every level of my house. I have sons, and I have a big dog, and they all come with big odors. I do my best to keep the house smelling fresh at all times.

My house is being listed TODAY! Let the cleaning frenzy begin!

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  1. Ha! What made you think of this?! I will be BOLD and add that I own these products and my house isn't on the market. Gasp!

    Good luck with the roller coaster you are about to embark on. :)